Toronto, ON based Dark Alternative Rock Band A PRIMITIVE EVOLUTION, fronted by The Birthday Massacre bassist Brett Carruthers, has released the official music video for “Ghost,” off of the band’s latest album, Becoming. Directed by Terra Joy McNerthney and produced by long time collaborator and friend Bailey Northcott, “Ghost” was originally premiered on tastemaker site mxdwn.

A song about love and loss, inspired by the shared grieving process of filial death, the video for “Ghost” takes place in a desolate, post-apocalyptic dreamscape where two lone survivors search for connection. Radio waves call to them, but what will they find at the source of the signal?

“’Ghost’ was a song we took a chance on. We’d never written an epic long piece like this before and it really helped seal the album together for us. I wrote this song when I was having a lot of dreams of my father who we lost when I was 14. Funny how certain years these “ghosts”seem to come back and haunt you. Often times you almost feel as though they’re communicating with you or something along those lines. It’s a really beautiful moment where you feel like you’re with them again, the disappointment is waking up to reality.” – A PRIMITIVE EVOLUTION

“The song opens with an atmospheric, The Edge-esque guitar riff and lead singer Brett Carruthers’ singing in a hushed tone. As the song progresses through the first verse, he appears in the video, sitting besides a vintage car playing a beat up acoustic guitar. “Ghost” continues to add musical elements as it progresses and after a few minutes has morphed from an sparse arrangement to a shoegaze-inspired wall of sound with distorted guitars, a shuffling drum beat from Stu Dead and moody synth tones. The song maintains this dynamic between quiet and loud, though the most intense portion of the song comes at the end when the trio launch into an extended jam, moving into a more hard-rock inspired sound with Carruthers concluding the passage with a fiery guitar solo.” – Matt Matasci – mxdwn

Track List:

  1. I Am An Infinite Cycle
  2. Who’s Your Maker?
  3. The Beauty
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Ghost
  6. Dead Skies
  7. We Are The Truth
  8. Becoming
  9. Skeleton
  10. Picturesque Hell
  11. Better Off Dead
  12. Live Forever
  13. Echo

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