A journey through the world of beats! Listen to “Kroutons”, the first album by Big Jesi from Paraíba

Daniel Jesi is a musician and producer from Paraíba with extensive experience in bands and recording studios in João Pessoa/PB/Brazil. He participated in bands such as Dalila no Caos, Dalva Suada (both distributed by HCREC for streaming) and the instrumental band Burro Morto. He joined Mutuca Estúdio and is now part of BBS Studio in João Pessoa.
He currently participates in the duo Rieg, the Orijah project, the digital duo D_M_G and in the collective of producers Ferve. He also produces for Bixarte, Filosofino and other names from the new scene in Paraíba and Brazil. He is the creator of the movement # #30dias30beats, in which every April several beatmakers from Brazil produce beats daily and post on their social networks, in an exercise of exchange, learning and musical production.
It was from the challenge #30dias30beats in 2019 that the tracks of “Kroutons”, the first solo album of the Big Jesi project, emerged. “The idea is to work with creative synchronicity, in a daily exercise of producing and living. The common thread is what the music can move, either by the beats or by the reflections generated by it. It is a state of transformation and frequent discovery”, explains Daniel.

Initially composed of 30 short tracks, the album was reissued for this release on streaming. Now there are 15 tracks that mix the 30 beats produced during the challenge period in 2019, matured by the artist’s current production time. The compilation goes through sounds ranging from instrumental jazz to lo-fi hip/hop, washed down with bass lines, Big Jesi’s primary instrument, and a mix of beats, sometimes frantic, sometimes contemplative, as well as collages with references to worldmusic.
About the composition process, Daniel explains: “Kroutons is a sound portrait of an experiment. Using MPC 1000 every day of the month of April 2019, I was doing a maximum of 1 minute per day basis. I didn’t plan the songs, I didn’t think if they were marketable. The motto was to let me be influenced by songs or some event that caught my attention that day. If I felt the need to use another instrument besides the MPC, I tried to make the instruments run at the same time. It was a record very based on interaction and performance with the equipment in a single take”.
For streaming I decided to edit and merge the songs”. “Kroutons” is the first album in the challenge, with the participation of Filosofino in one of the tracks and in the aesthetic work for the cover, made together with Riegulate. “It is my first solo material, but I believe that this album is the result of people close to me in this period. And that’s what motivated me the most to make this experiment an album. It’s as if I had documented and soundly imprinted that time frame from my point of view,” adds Big Jesi.

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