Accidental President – “Accidental President” (Self Release)

Directly from Sydney (Australia), the Accidental President trio publishes the new album with the same name, the result of hard work and several changes of Line Up.
The genre proposed by the band is a hard rock soiled in the pleasant sense of the word by gothic and metal grafts with vague references to theatrical situations, a detail also visible in the image of the band enhanced by the presence of the femal front band Bethany Neville.
“Accident President” offers nine songs, direct, precise and above all with a devastating sound impact, with guitar riffs that scratch the atmosphere, without giving up more melodic and clean metrics as in two tracks in particular “Last Breath” and the track closing “Letting Go”. A dynamic album therefore with restarts and breaths that make this album an original and unique product.
For lovers of the aforementioned genre it is a must not to miss this beautiful CD on sale from 01 July.


  1. Hopes and Dreams
  2. Rotten Child
  3. 100 Days
  4. Last Breath
  5. Warrior Soul
  6. Strength Inside
  7. The King is Dead
  8. Hateful
  9. Letting Go


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