Alis – “Demone” [Self Released]

Alis is an Italian singer (from Rome to be precise) who emerges in a big way with this debut EP, entitled “Demon”. An impact cover that portrays this talented singer welcomes us in an album full of autobiographical texts, most likely, and a lot of songs that seem perfectly done to be played on the radio.

The impact with the album is in fact guaranteed from the first track, which is actually a fairly canonical mid tempo, and is titled “Bruises”. With the second track in the tracklist, i.e. “Appartengo alla luna”, which is one of the three singles extracted to best present this album, the Roman artist strikes heart and soul with a powerful and heartfelt vocal interpretation and music that refers to biggest alternative rock bands, both past and present, (Halestorm above all).

It is a riot of high voltage sounds, the discharges inflicted on the listener by other episodes such as “Ribelle”, “Demon” and “Vai al Diavolo” alternate with other songs that have a more relaxed songwriting, as in the case of ” Ossigeno” and “Fragile” and probably reveal the most vulnerable side of this amazing singer.

Surely this is a successful product also for a choral work of all the musicians, and the feeling you get at the end of listening is that of being faced with the next big thing in Italian rock, perhaps following in the footsteps of a other great band like Maneskin. Compliments!

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