Alt rock band Vital Signs released their new emotional single “Sick”

Alt rock band VITAL SIGNS released their new emotional single “SICK” along with their self-titled EP on September 29th. The track showcases heartfelt vocals and gives a glimpse into the evolution and self-discovery the band went through while writing and recording.

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“Filming the video for “Sick” was something a long time in the making. Bringing the song to life gave a whole new depth to the music. The idea is you can do your best but somehow things still go wrong, and you just feel sick.” – Taylor Spain, guitarist

“This EP is about self discovery and defining our own expectations for our music. There were no rules, and nothing was off limits. We felt like there was a void we had to fill with the songs we created.” – Brenden Worthington, vocalist

Blending multiple genres, VITAL SIGNS brings a sound that is unique and dynamic. The alt rock band, hailing from Denver, Colorado, showcases heartfelt lyrics delivered with emotion through soaring, melodic vocals and sprinkles of harsh screams. Their music has a balance of bounce, electronics, and driving power, with elements of pop, post-hardcore, and metalcore.

The band went into writing and recording this EP with an open mind and no rules, wanting the songs to speak to them. For that reason, this release has allowed them to evolve their sound to a new level from that of previous releases such as ‘Burners’ and “Phantom Limbs”.

Coming in heavy handed, VITAL SIGNS released their self-titled EP on September 29th 2021 with the featured single “Sick” released on the same day.

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