Amanda Gabana releases indie single “Presa na Rede”

Amanda Gabana’s new single “Presa na rede” is on the air. The single addresses the uncontrolled use of social networks in the pandemic period, presenting a dance and pop sound, full of energy and relaxation, flirting with indie, brega, samba and rock.
The singer, songwriter and musician from Porto Alegre, after debuting with the song “Espelho” (www.bit.ly/3c42mdo), in partnership with Clarice Nilles in the collection “Mapa Astral Vol. 2: Água “, comes to public to present his new authorial compositions accompanied by a her band. Her poetry addresses reflections on her personal and sensitive universe in a mocking and dreamlike way, “laughing to not cry” in the midst of this dystopian period that we are living through in Brazil.
The song was mixed by Dazluz & mastered by Viridiana, responsible for the production of the track that features Clarice Nilles saxophone & Gui Lopes drums.

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