American death metal trio Existentia released a lyric video for “Planned Obsolescence”

American death metal trio EXISTENTIA have released a lyric video for “Planned Obsolescence”. The song is taken from their recently released EP Calculating Failure which was released via Stumpgrinder Records.

The band comments:

“Planned Obsolescence: Society shapes us to run a short course with our lives. It sucks your resources making you a slave to bullshit and then kills you off. For some this could be signing up for the military and not realizing you’re just a “cog in this killing machine.” Once you serve your time you’re tossed to the streets to fend for yourself. Becoming outdated, obsolete, and no longer needed”

Comprised of former members of prominent Northeast metal outfits (POLEMECIST, YOUNG GRAVES), the eclectic background forms an integral aspect of EXISTENTIA’s sound. Drawing on inspiration from these projects, influences can be heard in the musical arrangement and lyrical content.
EXISTENTIA not only seek to explore the hidden depths with their composition but to push extreme tonalities to the edge with radical experimentation. Demonstrating such an immense display of musical manipulation in their debut release, it’s clear EXISTENTIA are striving to make an impact.

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