AMERICAN JETSET reveals Lyric Video for Haunting Halloween Anthem, “Hells Out To Get Ya”

Baltimore, MD based, Heavy Rock Band AMERICAN JETSET is creeping out of the shadows this Halloween to raze the earth with their savagely sleazy single, “Hell’s Out to Get Ya”!

This haunting Halloween anthem arose from the ashes of an 80s nightmare and is delivered with ghastly aggression and extreme vengeance. The thunderous backbeats, gnarled chords, and blood soaked hooks reveal a dangerously maleficent manifesto – a spectrally distorted testament to monsters everywhere.

The B-side, “Firestarter,” ignites into full afterburner. The macabre iconography is surrounded by a a showcase of furious guitars, bludgeoning bass, and razor sharp vocals, all synthesized into a horrifying hell-raiser that you’ll have on repeat.

AMERICAN JETSET broke out of their East Coast hometown on a mission to unite misfits across the world with their Sleaze Rock Pop Rock signature, illuminating what lingers in the shadows of the post-Sunset Strip Era. The band has toured in support of their heroes including STEVEN ADLER, STEPHEN PEARCY, SLAUGHTER, TOM KEIFER, ENUFF Z’NUFF, LIVING COLOUR, KIX, and more. Learn more about the Jetset boys at www.americanjetset.com.

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