Amnessia Eterna – “Malditos” [Brutal Records]

Chilean “Amnessia Eterna” release their debut album “Malditos” for Brutal Records. The thrash metal combo formed by Camilo Sánchez (vocals, guitars), Rudy Pereira (guitars), Jairo Sepúlveda (drums) and Fernando Martínez (bass), propose an album with devastating sounds, where you go beyond simple thrash metal, but something more refined and embellished with riffs and metrics with a remarkable sonic impact, where power and aggression are the two main characteristics that make this album something more unique than rare.

A long, engaging listen to the gun cotton that demonstrates the excellent technical preparation and the good baggage of ideas that the band has made available for this debut with all the trimmings. The voice is at times energetic, at times softer going to exalt the general structure of the album which is presented in the dynamic complex and of fine workmanship.
“Lujuria”, “Only tanning”, or if you prefer “Todo cae”, the most significant tracks, in our opinion, without doing wrong to the others who give their nice contribution to the success of this debut.



  1. Malditos
  2. Lujuria
  3. Desquiciado Pecador
  4. En busca del Poder
  5. Initium
  6. Infierno
  7. Solo abbronzatura
  8. Falso Predicador
  9. Desvanecidos
  10. Todo cae
  11. Cammino

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