Angerfish – “Unbounded” [Ghost Record]

Angerfish are a band from Parma (Italy) and are placed, with this “Unbounded”, in that group of bands that offer what many call modern-hard rock or alternative metal, and that is a genre that is precisely hard rock in many nuances, but which incorporates a lot of what has been done since the nineties onwards.

In essence the Angerfish retain a vague rock and blues attitude that on the one hand makes all the songs dynamic, as well as fairly enthralling, but on the other hand, it is as if it standardizes the proposal of ours and keeps it the same throughout almost the entire tracklist. Certainly the style of drums, very devoted to simplicity, is functional to all the songs, give s great support at the voice and the rest of the band that why all the songs remains in mind, thanks also at the global sound full-bodied and powerful.

Ultimately then we are dealing with a prepared band that has worked very well in the production of the sound. If I had to mention piece that I particularly liked I would say “Lion’s Roar” ( whit a good video too ), well supported by a power drums, so I would say that the task was done quite well. We need to work a little more on the personality and on vocal lines that enhance the work of the instruments, but for the rest we are there.

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