“Antropocene”, Noram’s debut album out now for Wanikiya Records & Promotion

We wrote “Antropocene” to awaken the consciences of a dormant society, trying to convey a message that highlights the problems of today’s world.
The term “antropocene” in fact indicates the geological era in which we live, where the human being is the main agent of macrochanges on the Earth, at the climatic level and beyond.
The combination of our ambitions, our problems, our smallest and largest actions is slowly throwing our planet into a spiral of deterioration that will soon deprive us of our home.
It is precisely to denounce and inform of these inconveniences that we have decided to compose and publish the songs that are part of this record, in the hope that even a few people listening to it can reflect on their behavior.
As for the musical plan, our lyrics are born from the deep admiration for the greatest Italian songwriters and are accompanied by aggressive instrumentals, mainly deriving from old school metal. Despite this, we always try to enrich and modernize our songs with different elements, both in terms of composition and sound.
We thank our producer Sebastiano Di Martino, with whom we recorded our first demos and later also the tracks of the album, working side by side for months. We also thank Mr. Jack of Wanikiya Record, who takes care of the promotion, and Lidienne Cangiano, author of the graphics of Antropocene.

Formed in Иapoli in October 2018 by Alfredo Juliano (lead guitar) and Marco Maresca (drums), ИORAM offer a modern and captivating sound metal with lyrics in Italian.
The line-up was expanded in a short time with the entry of Victor Rodriguez (vocals) and Francesco Varriale (rhythm guitar).
After some line-up changes, in September 2019 he joined the group Bruno Di Lillo, the current bassist of the line-up.
On 25th November the band records their demos at the SDM Recording Studio, Gragnano.
On December 14th at HappyDays, Pianura, NORAM debuts live.
In 2020 Francesco Varriale is replaced by Miriano Marra on rhythm guitar.
On March 7th “Antropocene”, the band’s first demo track, is released on YouTube.
On April 14th the second demo track, “A fist of glory”, is released.
Subsequently, ИORAM become part of the Wanikiya Record (Italian label) with which they release their first EP “Antropocene”

Formazione Noram :
Victor Rodriguez (Voce)
Alfredo Juliano (Chitarra Solista)
Bruno Di Lillo (Basso , seconda voce)
Miriano Marra (Chitarra ritmica)
Marco Maresca (Batteria)

Tracklist :
1) Danzando Sulla Neve
2) Un Pugno Di Gloria
3) Antropocene
4) Parole Di Fuoco
5) Fantasmi

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