Apatia, “Prima Forma Indefinita” out now

The Apatia project, a black metal band, stems from the need to unleash the suffering that a man can get to experience at certain moments of his existence in an attempt to communicate to the listener a very specific state of mind: the journey of a victim of the world within itself.
The artistic project begins at the hands of Apatia alone, in raw form, until the meeting with Christian, producer and friend, thanks to whose help he manages to obtain new ideas and new tools to perpetrate his pain in form, albeit always self- produced, more accurate, targeted and profound.

Some words about “Prima Forma Indefinita”:

“Prima Forma Indefinita” wants to represent, from its first conception, the very essence of the pains that a mind and a soul can bear. Every song represents pure personal outburst, devoid of any enthusiasm or desire to be understood by someone: the cry of those who make apathy a long-awaited mirage. The first effort of an empty life form that is no longer able to identify itself in anything, not even in itself, resulting indefinite by definition.


  1. Male di Vivere
  2. Non Titolata
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Mono


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