Aseity Feat. Taylor Barber release new single “Silent Whispers”

“Silent Whispers”- “Being raised in the south, I experienced a lot of oppression from males. I’ve fought sexism most of my life (more so as an adult.) I was always told that my opinions don’t matter because I’m a woman, and oftentimes treated disrespectfully. I had this issue in all of my relationships, jobs, and even now in the metal industry. Women don’t get the same respect socially and professionally that men do, and I wanted to address it.” – Monica

“Both Monica and Taylor approached this song with an aggressive, heavy, and straight to the point approach.” – Robert Volkoff

North Carolina, Independent Female Fronted Metal Band – Aseity (pronounced Ah-see-it-y) was founded by Monica Soe (pronounced Soh-ee) in January of 2020. Originally, her vision was to form a full band by searching for members via Facebook, however, that did not turn out. Shortly after the member hunt failed, she happened to meet Robert Volkoff (Life Renewed) through mutual friends of a music group (Music Mentors Online.) Robert loved her passion for the project so much, that he agreed to help her create music and develop the project. In doing so, they discovered both of their musical backgrounds and influences were a perfect match to make Aseity something special. Robert comes from an extensive background with 10 years of experience in writing, recording, and performing. Not only does he play guitar and bass, but he is an experienced harsh vocalist with an understanding of audio production. Monica had a love for singing at a very young age, which led her to gain interest in taking piano lessons at the age of 10. In school she attended both choir and band for 6 years, gaining her classical training experience. Together, they have a love for the metal genre with similar musical interests. Aseity’s goal is to create a unique sound and powerful message.

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