Baby Fuzz – “We’re All Gonna Die!!!” (Self Release)

A decisive sound, full of adrenaline, which impresses for its power and precision. We are talking about the single from Baby Fuzz, entitled “We’re All Gonna Die !!”, whose frenetic rhythm and full of sudden changes, make this track something remarkable from a sound impact point of view.
The genre proposed by Baby Fuzz is a hybrid between Punk and alternative Rock, where you can feel the almost maniacal attention to detail and to obtain an original song as the final result, even if it must be said that Punk has nothing left. original since it has already been played by great groups that have made history.
Thanks to the talent of Baby Fus, we can hear in one breath something fresh and innovative played with skill and dedication, all contained in “We’re All Gonna Die !!”



  1. “We’re All Gonna Die !!”

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