“Paradise 99” is the second studio album for the Romans Bangout. The record in question turns out to be one of the most beautiful hard rock releases of 2022 and this band seems to really have the will to place itself at the top of the podium of the best Italian formations to be discovered, unless you already know them.

Nothing has been left to chance, the production of the album is perfect, the sounds reach the listener clean and compact, the drums are really well mixed and the guitars are big and round, so much so that sometimes the band crosses the boundaries of rock for land in metal, as happens in tracks like “Animal”, “Calling” and in the very violent “Paradise ’99”. This band hits hard when needed and also creates a beautiful atmosphere that looks to the future, with keyboards protagonists in almost every song.

Take the best modern hard rock from bands like Halestorm or Stone Temple Pilots and bring it to an even more aggressive and contaminated dimension and you’ll have an idea of ​​what Bangout sound like. The only songs that turn out to be a little more commercial are “Roots to stone” and “Something Special”, while all the others will throw big punches in your face! Promoted with full marks!