Becoming the Lion release video for “Silent Return”

Post-Rock/Metal band BECOMING THE LION have released their stunning new video for their track “Silent Return”. The song is from their upcoming album Unearthly Creature which will be released on December 4th.

Watch the video: https://v13.net/2020/11/becoming-the-lion-make-a-ton-of-noise-with-their-silent-return-music-video-premiere/

Pre-order: https://becomingthelion.com/album/unearthly-creature-reissue

About Becoming the Lion

Born in a midwestern basement in 2009, Becoming the Lion has evolved from an instrumental solo project to a post-metal four-piece that channels Russian Circles, Deftones, and more. With Ross Blomgren on guitar, and vocals, Dan Mazur on guitar and vocals, Grant Chapman on bass and Dennis Paterkiewicz on drums, Becoming the Lion released the Ghosts of a Fallen Soldier EP in 2018 and is looking forward to unleashing the follow-up EP Unearthly Creature in 2020.

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