Bioscrape released “Global Masquerade” the second single from the upcoming album

Out today Bioscrape second single “Global Masquerade”. The song is available in digital format in the main digital stores via The Orchad and in the Sony catalog.
Currently the band is in the studio to finish the recording of the new album at the Real Sound Studio. Both the singles “Obedience” and “Global Masquerade” will be included on the new album.
Bioscrape also made the lyric video of “Global Masquerade”.


BIOSCRAPE are an alternative groove metal group originally from Biella (Italy) formed in 2006. The sound of the band is characterized by being a mixture of genres such as Thrash metal, Nu metal and Hardcore. The voice in scream and growl is the glue to high-impact musical structures customized by effects and attributable to bands such as Pantera, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Lamb of God.
Each album of the band is a concept-album with a different theme thus creating a well-defined story, the lyrics are written and conceived according to the subject matter.
Live BIOSCRAPE offer shows of great impact.

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