Bloodgate,wizards and dragons on the new album

From performing at underground basements shows to opening for the likes of AVENGED SEVENFOLD and VOLBEAT, BLOODGATE’s career is already jampacked with no signs of slowing. Experimenting with genre mixing, and following a number of line-up changes, the new album, Solace In Mourning, marks the next reincarnation of the hard-hitting heavy outfit.

“We at BLOODGATE are pleased to announce the release of our newest record, Solace in Mourning. With a revamped line up, it is our reintroduction to the world as we usher in a new era of cryptic mysticism.”

BLOODGATE’s music is heavily inspired by mysticism, warfare, and fantasy elements. With their members stemming from such varied backgrounds -pop punk to grindcore and everything in-between, the quartet’s sound is permeated with an array of style influences. BLOODGATE deliver short, sharp explosive tracks; Solace In Mourning is a feverish collection of high impact energy, infused with groove riffs, demonic harsh vocals. “2020” brings a fury of vehemence in heavy instrumental form, before thrusting into the aggressive noise “Mirror Of Flesh”. Throwing their all into every track, BLOODGATE find a new perspective to offer with each song. “Death On The Horizon” brings lightning speed while “Tome of Blood” opens the door to the depths below.

Dive straight into the dark abyss with Solace In Mourning. The extreme intensity is a thrill for the senses with pounding heaviness and an abrasive edge creating a sheer display of power.

Musicwebzine – Hi there, first of all, tell us something about the band
Bloodgate –
Hi! We’re Bloodgate. We’re just some goofballs who love making fast, weird music. We’ve existed in this current incarnation for about a year and a half and are very excited to introduce ourselves with our new album, Solace in Mourning.

Musicwebzine – Which is the main theme of your album ?
Bloodgate –
The main theme of our album is fantasy driven, focusing on wizards and dragons in relation to more real life themes such as death, loss, isolation, and warfare. Our vocalist, Scott, is responsible for the bulk of our lyrics and wanted to explore the human condition while still maintaining fantastical settings.

Musicwebzine – What about the cover and the title of your album ?
Bloodgate –
We wanted to create a somber feeling with our album cover and title. Something a bit more subdued to invoke feelings of isolation and self reflection.

Musicwebzine – Which bands has influenced your sound ?
Bloodgate –
That’s tough to pin down hahaha! We all come from different musical backgrounds so honestly it would be hard to pin one down. We didn’t really go into the writing process with any set sound in mind. So it’s really an amalgamation of our collective influences.

Musicwebzine – Do you think you can still live only on music?
Bloodgate –
Yeah, I think it’s possible with the myriad of ways one can promote themselves and create revenue in this day and age. However, it’s also incredibly difficult and isn’t something feasible for 999/1000 bands/musicians. It’s a combination of a lot of hard work and a lot of luck to find one’s self in a position to make a living solely off of music.

Musicwebzine – That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Bloodgate –
Thanks for taking the time to ask us such great questions! And thank you, readers of MusicZine, for having such discerning tastes in music publications. Check out Solace in Mourning, available March 24th on all streaming services

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