Bog’s “Remission” Ep to arrive in May, details revealed

The band’s first full-length “Unshriven” was released in 2017, and now, after five years of several lineup changes and pandemic lockdowns, BOG has returned with their new EP “Remission.”

“Remission is about the slow farewell to my father, who suffered from dementia in his mid-fifties. A farewell every day until he finally died at the age of 62 more than ten years ago. It was the confrontation with a person who was very close to me but also felt like a stranger. In a figurative sense, it is about dealing with one’s own past and identity; an eternal process of searching for light in the past that has many shadows,” says Tim Primbs in a statement.

The record sees BOG getting conceptual across its three songs – ‘Dead End,’ ‘Clenched are the Charred,’ ‘Remission’ – while debating themes of life and death, past or dreams. The EP was recorded by Tim Primbs and Jan Slonski in Vienna, Austria, with mixing and mastering by Will Benoit at the Radar Studio, USA. Will has previously worked with bands such as Caspian, Rosetta, and Junius.

Moreover, the band announced “Remission” as the first part of a planned trilogy:

1.Remission EP
2.Full-length album

The “Remission” story will continue in the subsequent two releases; only then we’ll start questioning our existence, the construct of time and being. BOG will release the EP on Music Cassettes in 3 colors/20 pieces each (brown transparent, polar white, and transparent with black coils).

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