Boston Hard Rockers Lansdowne release official music video for new single “Medicine”

In their 15+ years as a band, they have achieved two billboard charting radio singles, over 100 million streams and views, and have licensed songs to major brands such as iRobot, the NFL, MTV, and more. Comprised of Jon Ricci (Vocals), Shaun Lichtenstein (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Glenn Mungo (Drums), Josh Waterman (Guitar / Vocals), and Mike LaRoche (Bass), LANSDOWNE has been a force to be reckoned with since emerging into the music scene in 2006.

Following their signing with AFM Records and the release of a lyric video for their mega hit “Burn Brighther” (with more than 11 million streams on Spotify alone) in mid-2022, just recently, the Boston-based hard rock act has unleashed their brand new single, the heavy rock juggernaut “Medicine”. Today, they are premiering an official music video of the song:

“The Medicine music video is an introduction to the dystopian fantasy universe that we’re creating. The world is in trouble, consumed by negativity and cancel culture, it’s become this plague that we have to come together to fight through and rise above. So in the video, you see an uprising against all of the hate and bullshit that’s permeated our daily lives. You can feel the aggression and frustration in the words and in the scenes from the video. We’ve been held down and held back for far too long by negativity, and the lyric rings true for so many of us: “We’re fucking over it.” The band states.

“Ben Proulx did an incredible job of capturing our vision of a world that’s sick of all the negativity and a culture that’s ready to rise up and come together to fight back against all the bullshit. Breaking free from the plague of cancel culture and using our voices for togetherness and positivity, that’s what this video is about.”

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