Brazilian musician Tiago Sá releases protest EP “Querelas de Brasília”

Tiago Sá is a musician, producer, singer and composer with influences ranging from rock to reggae, passing through Brazilian music to electronic music. He started his career in the 1990s, playing in reggae bands in Brasília and in the band of musician Renato Matos, with whom he released a live album in 2004. He has released two albums: “Reação da Alquimia” (2012) produced by Lucas Santtana and “Música pra te aguçar” (2019). Both released physically and outside of current streaming services.

Now, the artist digitally releases the EP “Querelas de Brasília”, which is named after Aldir Blanc and the complicated political moment in our country. Politics and protest set the tone for the EP’s lyrics and the sound travels through rock, electronics, dub, latin and brazilian music throughout the three tracks of the work. “Living in Brazil has been a necropolitical nightmare and the resistance is keeping us alive together with our dreams. This EP is in memory of Aldir Blanc and the victims of Bolsonaro misrule, it is my opposition statement and at the same time a kind of therapy. Despite the horror, I still contemplate the beauty that endures along with hope”, comments Tiago.

In memory of the Brazilian musician Aldir Blanc, the new EP by the musician from Brasil presents 03 original tracks with a protest tone.

The EP, which was produced by the artist himself, features the rapper Japao Viela 17 in “Quase Tudo Bem”, the guitarist Marcelo Barbosa of the brazilian metal band “Angra” doing the solo of the track “Querelas de Brasília” and the singer Andressa Munizo of the girl band “Binarious” in the song “Anticorpos Antifascistas”. The cover art is by Imaginarte.

In addition to the tracks, the EP will also be accompanied by Lyric Videos, also produced by Imaginarte for all songs. The 03 lyrics are practically videoclips as they are made 100% with footage, have an aesthetic that reminds 80’s punk rock and each video has a predominant color as in Kieslowski’s trilogy. The first video released was for the single “Anticorpos Antifascistas” in June . Along with the release of the EP, Tiago takes the opportunity to release the Lyric Video of the track that gives its name to it . The last video lyric, from the song “Almost Tudo Bem”, will be released next.

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