Broken Wings – “Against The Wind” [Ghost Record]

Broken Wings are a band from Italy that start make music in December 2018 from an idea by Massimo Zanuttini (guitar), who will also involve Ilenia Serini (drums), Sabry Sabu (vocals) and Gabriele Plai (bass) in this project. . After having trodden various stages, having overcome the hard period of the Lock Down and having won some national contests, the desire to collect new and old songs, rigorously selected, grows in them in a “damned” album and share their music without limits.

At the heart of “Against The Wind”, the official debut for Ghost Record, are the biting, powerful, and energetic guitar riffs. These days one could speak of Hard Rock given some Motley Crue-style stitching from the ‘easy’ era. However, it is difficult to frame the band , for the only reason that everything sounds with immediate simplicity. Massimo lets his plectrum run, releasing riffs dressed in a clear but impactful distortion.
The impact is also in the melodic sequences and how much they communicate. All well assembled by a regular, modulated, effective accompaniment of Ilenia’s rhythms. To give the right glue in a graceful and profound way, we find Gabriele’s bass.

At first approach, each listening brings the ear closer to an evidently fluid general musicality. However, some pieces are even more elaborate than others. The hard & heavy tone, as already written at the beginning, focuses on a texture of riffs that unrolls over the distance and with the well-placed rhythmic support, at this point with a rampant voice, by Sabry, the circle is complete. Good performance for this apparently “easy” band but which reveals something original and not at all obvious among the musical notes of the individual songs.

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