Cambio Radicale – “Gioco Al Caos” [Nadir Music]

Classic hard rock with Italian lyrics for this Cambio Radicale debut. The album is full of songs that have an immediate impact on the listener, as they have catchy choruses and simple but well-set guitar riffs.

The songs follow the classic pattern of rock-pop songs, but have that rock/metal feel that makes everything more electrifying, all combined with a good individual technique that allows the band, especially in the construction phase of riffs and solos, to always be very convincing.

And like a self-respecting classic hard rock album, it is the guitars that play the lion’s share, but some forays into the Seventies are also interesting, especially when the band adds some keyboards. In short, a more than recommended debut for lovers of harder rock but which retains a good dose of melody.

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