Canadian hard rock band Dali Van Gogh release new single “New Blood, Old Wounds”

Canadian hard rock band Dali Van Gogh are pleased to present: “New Blood, OId Wounds”, releasing world wide today via Wormholedeath Records.

Dali Van Gogh is a female-fronted Hard Rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are known for their showmanship, originality, and musicianship, and have performed across Canada, releasing 4 prior records over the last decade. “New Blood, Old Wounds” is produced by the like of Eric Ratz (The Arkells, Billy Talent) and Rob Laidlaw (Platinum Blonde, Honeymoon Suite) and includes 5 new songs by the band, all conceived of and recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“This record is really a product of everything we have been through as a band over the last couple of years”, says Isaac Kent, guitarist and founder of the band. “The first song was written just as everything in Canada was locking down for the first time, with the final song coming together just as we were coming out of the latest, and hopefully final lock down. It reflects every emotion we felt during that time, from fear and misery to determination and even joy.

Kent blames this largely on the united band lineup as a whole, which includes Lance Hicks on bass, Johnny Moore on drums, and Rachelle Moreau as lead vocalist.

In a time where all of our peers and friends in the industry were closing up shop and waiting for this to all blow over, we as a group came together and persevered through every day. During the worst of it, we were on regular skype meetings and live streams from our homes. When possible we would get together to practice and even managed to squeeze in a few small shows when restrictions allowed it. We recorded remotely and separately from each other, mixed with engineers and producers who we never met face to face. We created what I think is our best record to date under the worst possible circumstances purely out of sheer will to not give in and let this situation derail us. I’m very proud of everyone in the band and on our crew.”

Alongside the release, Dali Van Gogh have dropped the new music video for “Savanna”, the 3rd single off of the new EP. Written about a past relationship gone sour, Savanna is the first song written primarily by Rachelle Moreau, who was promoted to lead vocalist in the band last summer.

“Savanna is written about an old friend of mine from years ago,” says Moreau. “She was very close with not just myself but also my whole group of friends. At some point I came to the realization of how toxic she had become, and I wanted to remove myself from the situation. I remember feeling scared that I would be left out of the group because I cut ties with her, but it instead became a domino effect of people cutting her out. Sometimes it’s hard to see how negatively someone is effecting your life until they’re gone and it feels like a weight has been lifted. For whatever reason….”

The video for “Savanna” is produced by Marquis Williams, aka Keke Beatz, a prominent Nova Scotian director known primarily for his work with hip hop artists. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQtikOC2aHk

Dali Van Gogh will tour extensively in support of “New Blood, Old Wounds” into 2023, with plans to perform in Europe, Japan, Australia, and of course at home in North America. To enquire about upcoming shows, or to book the band in your city, please email contactus@dalivangoghmusic.com and their team will direct you to the appropriate booking/ticketing agency for your region.

Dali Van Gogh are proudly endorsed by sE Electronics, Los Cabos Drums Sticks, Soultone Cymbals, and One Bone Clothing. The band signed with Wormholedeath earlier this year. Learn more about the band at https://www.dalivangoghmusic.com.

Dali Van Gogh are:
Rachelle Moreau – Lead Vocal / Keytar
Isaac Kent – Guita
Lance Hicks – Bass
Johnny Moore – Drums

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