Chalk Portraits announce new album and release new song

Chalk Portraits, the ambient solo project of Metal Injection’s Greg Kennelty, has announced his new album “Memory” will be released on May 7th on all streaming platforms.
Pre-orders are now available and the first single “Memory II” can be streamed HERE: https://chalkportraits.bandcamp.com/album/memory

Greg commented “‘Memory II” was the first song written for Memory, and was initially an experiment with arpeggiators for a doomed Chrono Trigger cover.”
There is often a misconception that ambient music is analogous to conventional background music, or elevator music. This could not be farther from the true nature of Chalk Portraits. This project aims to inspire and provide a catalyst for creativity through impressive aural environments. Memory marks steadily growing sonic diversity for Chalk Portraits and demands to be listened to with full attention. With every new turn in this masterpiece, it reveals more of its secrets and rewards the listener with a rich treasure of fascinating details.

Pre-orders are available now at Bandcamp https://chalkportraits.bandcamp.com/

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