Chalk Portraits releases “In Flight” from C Squared underground music special

CHALK PORTRAITS, the solo project of Metal Injection writer Greg Kennelty has released the song “In Flight”. The song is from the upcoming C Squared Underground Music Special which will be released on September 17th via C Squared Music.
Greg commented “In Flight’ is meant to evoke the feeling of going somewhere new, but somewhere that feels like home. I love how the song is bookended by these reverb-heavy passages, as if the listener was stationary and watching the plane go by. Plus, the heavily-delayed drums and synthwave-style bass (to me, at least) really drive home that feeling of being in motion. I’m extremely proud of this song and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it in its full context on my new album in 2022! For now, enjoy ‘In Flight’!”

C SQUARED MUSIC unveil their first compilation album C² Underground Music Special to release on 17th September 2021.
C SQUARED founders Curtis Dewar and Cori Westbrook commented “We are really excited to be releasing our first album under the C Squared banner. When we first formed C Squared a few months ago, we really wanted to be able to work with bands in all aspects, not just PR, marketing and management. With this compilation we will now be releasing our first album and hopefully continue to release select albums over the next few years”.

With haunting Gothic soundscapes of THE INFERNO DOLL, through to psychedelic doom metal of BOOK OF WYRMS, and dynamic electronica of SYNESTHEMA, this is a passion driven project from C Squared. The compilation showcases the wondrous creativity that thrives in artists of the underground scene. Featuring a number of exclusive tracks, including an ethereal darkwave sound in “I Didn’t Break” by GAIA GUARDA with LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT and the emotional “Breath” by DUNCAN EVANS, fans are certain to enjoy this eclectic collection and discover something new.

Infinite realms of creativity are the offering from this debut compilation album. Whether delving into the dark depths of the utter heavy, soaring through symphonic melodies or dancing into the witching hour, there is a fantastical array of talent to discover.

Listen: https://v13.net/2021/08/hear-chalk-portraits-exclusive-in-flight-single-off-the-c-squared-music-compilation-premiere/


Pre-order: https://csquaredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/c-underground-music-special

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