Chaosaint, australian Metaller’s released epic new single “Forgiveness”

Newcastle, Australia 4 Piece Metal Outfit Chaosaint are looking to begin 2022 with a bang. Always striving to meld their old school metal and hard rock influences with a modern sound, “Forgiveness” is an almost 10 minute epic. Twisting and turning through instrumental passages, melodic vocals and aggressive riffs, showcasing the band’s signature blend of melody with heavy grooves.
After a year marked with cancellations and delays due to Covid restrictions, the release of “Forgiveness” is the start of a new chapter for the band with plans to release a steady stream of singles throughout 2022.
Forgiveness is a journey through the mind of someone pushed completely to the edge and seeing no other way out.

“Essentially the song is about someone standing on a ledge and reflecting on their life- all the wrongs and hardship they’ve endured and trying to decide whether to take that final step” adds Shay (Lead Vocals / Guitar).

“We’ve all known people in the same situation, and unfortunately not everyone has been able to pull themselves back from the edge. We lost a good friend only late last year to suicide and the pain they must of been experiencing and the sadness that is left behind for family and friends is absolutely gut wrenching”

The sprawling emotional track is one of the most ambitious pieces of music the band has attempted. Originally slated for release on their previous EP, previous iterations of the track didn’t seem to capture the epic vibe of the song.

“It was one of those tracks that we knew had huge potential but it just wasn’t quite ready by the time we were ready to release In The Name Of. So we took it back to the jam room and tweaked and refined it, and I think the end result was totally worth the extra work”

Drum engineering duties for the single were handled by Adam Kiefel (Purenvy) with the band once again handling the rest of the recording duties in house and Shay providing the final mix. Troy Glessner (August Burns Red, Devin Townsend) handled Mastering duties.

“We aren’t the type of guys to write happy songs but we hope you enjoy the new track- and if you are feeling like there’s no way out, please reach out and find some help- we’ve lost way too many people to this disease”

Forgiveness is released today February 11 via Spotify, Bandcamp and directly through the bands website chaosaint.net.

Shay Burgess – Vocals / Guitars
Jon Cribb – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Neilson – Drums
Steve Baker – Bass / Backing Vocals

Perched squarely between serenity and rage, Newcastle quartet Chaosaint cleave elements of groove metal and melodic hard rock alongside nods to some of the classic metal greats, from Pantera to Machine Head, Iron Maiden and beyond.
Tracing their origins back to 2001, 2020 saw Chaosaint emerge to release their debut EP ‘In The Name Of’, with the breakout track ‘Knives Are Drawn’ snagging pole position on the Triple J Unearthed metal charts nationally for three consecutive weeks.
Following the ongoing setbacks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic not long after their maiden release, 2022 will see a triumphant and ambitious Chaosaint return to take zero prisoners with multiple singles primed to unleash, as well as a debut music video, live shows, and plenty of fiery riffs, snarling grooves and bewitching harmonies lying in wait.
The beast is only sleeping… there’s no forgiveness for all I’ve done.

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