Chronic Trigger’s sporadic new single “Word of Hate”

Utah’s Chronic Trigger is an exuberant and unyielding death metal band that was formed in 2016 and since then they have made a point of showcasing their uncanny ability to blend melody and brutality into one frantic unit of technical hardcore and progressive metal precision. Through several independent, tumultuous tours they have perfected their professional performance and established themselves as a highly driven, unique brand. Known for their unique live shows and ridiculously entertaining and engaging content, they have a new video to delight viewers with, for their single “Word of Hate”, which features the dangers of living in their hometown and a wild assortment of vocal styles. Bassist Adam Smithcomments:

“The track Word of Hate is written to describe the many contradictions of our hometown and living as outsiders in a Mormon-run state. In this song we try our best, both lyrically and musically, to expose the incredible natural beauty and social hypocrisy of this extremely closed-minded, judgmental state.”

This single is off their upcoming album “You Can’t Dance To This” slated for a release later this year. The goal of this album is to give the listener a slight bit of insight into the chaotic minds of Chronic Trigger and the many ways you can enjoy music at its finest application while delivering a relentlessly stimulating experience.

Chronic Trigger’s lyrics come from the combined physical and emotional influences provided by vocalist Ryan Pigott. Once the music has been completed and written, Pigott embraces their schizophrenic, chaotic, melodic idea and gives it meaning. Summed up, their inspiration comes from cereal boxes and dumpster graffiti.

The band’s sound is constantly evolving. Not only due to the lack of limitations they set for themselves but also due to their ability to grow and mature throughout member changes while still satisfying the expectations of listeners and fans without straying too far from their brand.

Anyone with a hunger for unique heavy music would be deliciously satisfied with every song from this album in its own individual way. Chronic Trigger is recommended for fans of Fit for an Autopsy, Signs of the Swarm, and Cannibal Corpse.

Watch and listen to “Word of Hate” via its music video premiere on TheCirclePit – https://youtu.be/qEcur_GFcOA

Digital – https://linktr.ee/ChronicTrigger

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