“Fly Me To The Sun” is the new gift that the Italian band Chrysarmonia give to their fans and at those the people, who are not yet, but which will surely become one once they finish listening to .

Twelve tracks with a robust flavor and a strong rock-inspired vein that does not need many words and many notes to be recognized by many as quality music, entering the music industry, in the best way.

“Fly Me To The Sun”, runs fast and pleasant, especially if you love the genre. While listening we go towards a sparkling path with the opening track that gradually gives way to a more rigid path made of rough guitars that give body without abandoning the lighter vein.

An album that remains however pleasantly aggressive where the excellent understanding between the four musicians is clear who manage to transmit a simple and direct rock without too many frills without ever overdoing it or giving life to rhythmic excesses. All well contained and packaged with slightly dark veins

Chrysarmonia thus turn out to be a prepared and mature band with ample room for improvement which, if well exploited, can give life to a good (modern) rock record without redundancy and time limits. A good record that certainly deserves more space and appreciation within the music industry.