Chrysarmonia, we wish that you all can reach your Sun

Chrysarmonia project was born in mid-2017 from an idea of ​​the four musicians: Vania Guarini (composer, author and voice), Fabio Chiappella (drums), Davide Paggiarin (guitars) and Simone Pampuri (bass). Already cover band “5 A CASO” for almost a decade, the four decide to give space to some unreleased music composed by the vocalist Vania, proposing some during their concerts and receiving positive reviews. Urged by this interest, they then decide to give more space to their creativity, concentrating on the creation of their songs. Vania creates the songs (music and lyrics) in the first place. The singer composes melodies, harmonies and structures based on her typically soulful voice, accompanying herself on the piano or acoustic guitar. She is particularly inspired by the characteristics of her companions whom she knows intimately. Finally, the individual creativity of the individuals during the arrangements creates a particular mix that is difficult to enclose in a specific genre.
After the debut EP “Metamorphosis” released in 2019, followed by 2 singles “Fast” (2019) and “Desert” (2022), available on all digital stores and with related videos, the band decides to take the plunge and to produce their first Full Length “Fly Me To The Sun”.
The Album is made up of 12 catchy and flowing tracks that move between different musical styles. From Blues to Jazz, from Rock to Metal, and as always with that Soul typical of the voice of Chrysarmonia. “Fly Me To The Sun” is available from 28.10.2022 in the main digital stores and in physical CD format. The latter includes the Bonus Track “Desert” and a 16-page booklet with artistic photos of the talented Art Photographer Fabio Oriani and all the lyrics of the songs.

MWZ – Hi there, first of all, tell us something about the band
Chrysarmonia –
Do you know the story of “CINDERELLA”?
Well, we can say that we feel a bit like this.
Although all four of us have studied music since childhood, for obvious economic reasons we have chosen other professional paths.
However, Music has remained our greatest passion and we have always considered it as such.
We started together about ten years ago, simply as a cover band, proposing repertoires of rock and metal songs rearranged in an original way. During these lives we proposed a couple of original pieces of our creation that the public appreciated so much that we were led to invest time and money in the unreleased ones. So we decided to dedicate ourselves completely to the new Chrysarmonia project.
We have invested in time, kilometers and petrol to participate in various high-level contests that have brought us the first visibility in the underground world.
By winning or reaching the final, we understood that we had what it takes to try seriously; we have invested a lot in ourselves, buying new equipment but above all spending on rehearsal room rent and many hours of home study. Then came the first recordings and productions, releasing the first EP “Metamorphosis” in 2019, followed by two singles “Fast” (2019) and “Desert” (2022).
In March 2020 we bought our own Studio, where we can create without time limits, surrounded by our tools and with the possibility of being able to record pre-productions as well.
The “Chrysarmonia’s House” was our real cocoon, welcoming, warm, ideal for creating together in complete harmony.
Thanks to this perfect harmony, our first Full Length “Fly me To The Sun” was released on October 28 2022, under Ghost Record Label.

MWZ – Which is the main genre of the band?
Chrysarmonia –
The fluidity of our music at first it seemed like a problem, because we are very hard to label, but today it’s becoming our strong point.
We are definitely Rock most of the time, but we dive into Metal, Prog, Symphonic, Melodic, Soul, Blues, Jazz. And all this can be found perhaps, in a single song!
However, if you really want to give us a genre placement, let’s say Alternative Rock.

MWZ – Why “Fly Me To The Sun” as a title?
Chrysarmonia –
Actually when we started working on the tracks of the Album, the concept was different; it should have talked about deadly sins, depravities, the dark side of the human being. But after the fifth passage which spoke of negativity, due to an external fact, we understood that we had to change our concept. Furthermore Vania, who writes music and lyrics, was going through a difficult period of personal life, which was putting her to the test, and driven by these experiences she was writing songs that inevitably reflected her situation. She fell, got up half broken, didn’t give up, rose again, fought, and finally took off a new and perhaps definitive flight towards the Sun, like a new Icarus.

MWZ – You’ve on youtube a great video “Desert”. Tell something about it!
Chrysarmonia –
When we created Desert, the music came with the visuals. A cold desert, almost lunar, and the protagonist alone in this desert planet, looking at the only distant light.
Desert is inner loneliness, the one that numbs our senses, imagination, emotion, art. Yet despite everything seeming deserted, there is something there, we feel it. It would be enough to reach out a hand, and that small, unique spark could become our sun if we fed it with passion.
We thought about what we held on to when we were alone in our desert back in the day. Our spark was music, small and distant, it was enough to give us strength.
The piano fully represents the concept of Music. It is the instrument on which Vania composed “Desert”, on the disc played by Roberto Pirola (collaborations with Sting, Renato Zero, Zucchero, and many other great artists), friend and teacher, who fully captured the emotion arranging the piece with the grace that distinguishes him. Roberto was filmed from his back because we wanted to represent him as one with the piano. His hands have been painted with black brush strokes to represent a musical flow starting from the piano keys, rising through his fingers and veins.

The protagonist wakes up in the dark, discovering that she has been tied up and blindfolded. Slowly she gets rid of these bandages, tries to figure out where she is. She looks around and sees only darkness. She senses something, turns around and as she re-emerges she touches something, covered by a black veil. She discovers it and sees the piano: old, broken, devastated, like her. Maybe with this tool, this spark, can it come back to light?
She feels hope, she really tries, but she’s been standing still in that cold, motionless desert for so long that she gives in at the first difficulty. She looks at the bandages, takes them in hand, begins to tie herself up. And it is at that moment that she realizes that she herself has become deserted.

The story of this piano is beautiful. It was given to us by a fan / friend who, having read about our research for the video, gave us this wonder. It was her grandmother’s, built in the early 1900s, saved from Nazi raids during WWII and flooded years ago. It is a piano that has suffered, that has experienced incredible stories. Even if it seems unrecoverable, we will try to bring it back to life.
We made the videos of “I know who I am” and “Fast” with Silvia Carotti, but it was the first time she filmed us. The decision to film Vania instead of a model was taken because we wanted to represent something broken, worn out, devastated. Like the piano, she is someone who has gone through painful experiences, and she bears the marks all of them consciously. The outer beauty in this video would have been out of place.

We hope to reach those who feel broken, those who really experience this hopeless loneliness, but also those who have experienced it and come out of it. The intent is to emphasize the beauty of the soul, even if dark and broken by life’s experiences.
The message is: don’t be your own jailers. Free yourself from the limits you have set yourself. Seize that spark, feed it with passion, and make it your Sun.

MWZ – Which artist would like to have as a special guest on your next album?
Chrysarmonia –
Wow, each of us would like a different one, of course. But thinking of a voice duet, a male voice would be very nice… Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), so we can make our singer happy!

MWZ – That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Chrysarmonia –
Thank you very much for every single emotion you will feel while listening to our songs. Thank you for reading this interview, giving us your time and wanting to hear something new and unfamiliar. With the wish that you all can reach your Sun.

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