Cień annonce the new album “Redemption”

When one thinks about Polish black metal scene, few names appear instantly. However, exploring deeper parts of underground, one can find true hidden gems, that will soon rise to their glory. One of them is Kraków based horde Cień, which is on the brink of a new opening. The third full lenght album, called ‘Redemption’, set to be released later this year, is, in many ways, like a new chapter for Polish outfit. Since early stages of their existence, they cooperated with Old Temple, where two full-lenghts and two EPs were released. Now, we can proudly announce that their upcoming full length album, recorded with new vocalist Ashgan (ex-Blaze of Perdition) and new guitarist Lycain (also Pandrador), will be released under the banner of Godz ov War Productions this fall.

The new album brings six new compositions and will last about fifty minutes. And as Ashgan brought to the band not only a new voice, but a whole spectrum of madness behind it, the band did the same with the music. The new face of Cień consists of more harsh, aggressive, pure and wild black metal, yet still full of haunting melodies and misanthropy. Riffs are stronger, voices are louder, battery is more powerful than ever before. ‘Redemption’ marks the rise of yet another Polish black metal beast in true vein of the genre. The rise of the shadow!

The band confirms: “This album opens a new chapter in our history – a step towards darker, ominous and more violent soundscapes as well as thematic shift in our lyrics touching aspects of spiritualism, liberation and abnegation of dogmas. With the refreshed line-up, including new guitarist Lycain and new lead vocalist Ashgan, we have reached next level of extremity and blackmetal madness.”

Ashgan – Vocals
Gulver – Guitars, Vocals
Lycain – Guitars, Vocals
Prins – Bass

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