Cigar Club release the psychedelic fire LP, “Day, Now”

Cigar Club is finally ready to release their anticipated debut LP, Day. Now. The nine-song LP is a combination of high octane indie rock, psychedelia, stoner rock, doom, and blues.
Cigar Club are well on their way to becoming a staple in modern rock. make sure to jump on them before they explode!

“VESSEL,” the first track off of Cigar Club’s debut LP, Day, Now, sets the phantasmagorical tone with the distorted message “Wake Up! With no concept of time/ the first encounter of another kind / they’ve been playin’ with his mind, so distant / so far behind.”

It’s like something straight out of a sci-fi film.

Immediately after, the bombastic drum fills, and the bass enter, beginning the second track, the aptly named “…Aliens.” Though this high-octane track isn’t about the little green men on Mars, but the aliens we can all become during various anguishes in life, like substance abuse or even feeling outcasted by society. The song has very “First It Giveth,” Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) vibes.
That stoner rock vibe continues with “swimmin’ in gold,” a heavy, almost tribal track about the foolish toils we humans put ourselves through for the almighty dollar. The main churning guitar riff is ridiculously catchy and can easily prompt some moshing. The end of the song also shows Cigar Club’s jamming abilities during the raucous hair metal guitar and bass solo.
Then comes “Like White Flats in Winter,” probably the most instrumentally dynamic track on Day, Now. Lead singer Trevor Coughlin starts off the sonic mysticism with the opening line “Walking off pavement into stars,” and the track slowly builds, becoming more and more resounding. Trevor also hits some impressive falsettos that lead into a dark and foreboding jam, again reminiscent of QOTSA, but their later work on …Like Clockwork. And the Latin dance interlude—that kind of comes out of nowhere—with its double bass drumming, bongos and clavés gives the song another edge. It’s a track for musicians, one you want to play over and over again to discover the intricacies you may have missed.

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