“Cold Stare”, Acid Mantra’s debut album for Wanikiya Record

Wanikiya Record is happy to announce the entry of the band “ACID MANTRA” and their debut album Cold Stare!


  1. Awakening
  2. Cold Stare
  3. Strange Sensation
  4. The Place of My Dreams
  5. Waste of Time
  6. Darkness
  7. Time of Change

About Acid Mantra

Acid Mantra formed in February 2021 from an idea by Marcello Monti (singer, actor, radio and television speaker. Voice to teach vocal teacher and student of harmonic and extreme singing, he is a male interpreter of the Rock opera “Oltre l ‘ Abisso “, lead voice in the Indhastria (alternative rock) and Hell Flames (AC/DC tribute band) projects, multi-instrumentalist and voice of Acid Mantra. Ascari Enrico (former Metal Core guitar Browbeat, Blowin, Wasting Disease, Stonedrift solo guitar, guitar and bass in the Doom project Stoner Mantra Acid Mantra). Both enjoying Doom Stoner Metal, they quickly compose some songs exchanging files over the internet given the covid period. In the following month Pietro Vecchi joins the drums (drummer of Indhastria “alternative rock”)

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