Colorado post-everything outfit A Shoreline Dream presents the single “Loveblind”

Colorado post-everything outfit A SHORELINE DREAM presents the single ‘Loveblind’, the title track from their new album being just as infectious as the lead track ‘Alarms Stop Ringing’. Having previously collaborated with legends such as ULRICH SCHNAUSS, MARK KRAMER and THE ENGINEERS, they are now excited to release 40 minutes of dark dreamgaze-laden progressive soundscapes on their first album since 2020’s ‘Melting’.

The pandemic has taken its toll on our mental well-being. Dying to get back to the good times, moments of pure, unscathed lust, we are eager for new experiences to sweep us off our feet. ‘Loveblind’ reaches for that same energy, drawing more from the band’s progressive goth roots. Layers of moodiness, blissful explosions of rock and chugging tempo mix with the pain, love, hope and moments of near death experienced while creating the album itself.

Greg Wilson at DKFM writes “Cavernous vocals overlay solid bass and synth lines, and it’s an immersive experience… Almost symphonic in approach, it’s a deep dive into a nocturnal world with synth stabs and well-placed echoing vocals.”

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