Colossus Of Destiny premiered new song “A Song From My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mixtape” (feat. “secret” vocal guest)

A few weeks after unveilling the song “Bittersweet And Pathetic”, French sludgecore/rock/metal practioners Colossus Of Destiny shared another audio/video excerpt from their forthcoming album with “A Song From My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mixtape” (featuring a “secret” guest) and available right now on YouTube.
Both tracks will feature on ‘Last Call’ planned for a worldwide release on November 30th & CD/Digital through all legal platforms.

French sludgecore/metal/rock four-piece from Paris area (France), Colossus Of Destiny is Igor (Bass), Etienne (Drums), Noé (Guitars /vocals) & Julien (Guitars).
After releasing two EPs between 2010 and 2011, the band released its debut album with ‘In Lesser Brightness’ in 2013 and a digital single in 2016 (“Nothing Seems To Wonder”) before to remain a little bit silent for a couple of years.

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