Confused – “Riot” [Confused Records]

Crossover thrash / hardcore punk band Confused is back on the market starting August 27th with their new album “Riot”. Originally formed in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in 1988 by frontman and songwriter Al Del Barrio, the band draws influences from classic acts such as M.O.D., Agnostic Front and D.R.I. Over the course of their career, which has spanned more than three decades, the group has been through tough times and continues to push themselves further with each release.

Diaciasette tracks, which give life to a long and intense, compact path where the old school Punk stands out, well fused with groove thrash crossover sounds to form a dense and voluminous sound, with a remarkable build. Melodic grafts that blend with more daring and gritty proposals, make this album a concentrate of exposure and charge, determining overall a remarkable and pleasantly devastating sound impact. The band’s experience in this field is confirmed by the excellent synergy that each single musician manages to create, giving life to an original and powerful sound.

“I am thrilled to have our new album Riot in the hands of fans. Riot has a mix of old-school punk and crossover thrash with grooves that will make you want to jump into the circle pit or take a stage dip. We’ve never been shy about expressing what we have in mind and these songs definitely reflect where we are in 2021 after all the bullshit we’ve all been through for the past couple of years. Confused is excited to get back on the road and smash the stages with these new fan songs this fall! ” – Al Del Barrio (vocals)

“Riot” is no different than an onslaught of sounds. From the opening track, “Chaos”, with a catchy chorus to the overdrive “I Love Hardcore”, this album is consistently capable of throwing punches. The intense energy that comes out of every trace erases everything in its path. The aggressive sound delves into the realms of ridiculous thrash timing and powerful punk angst.

An excellent return that is just waiting to be exploited to the fullest, with as many plays as possible, because this “Riot” really deserves it !!



  1. Chaos
  2. Riot
  3. Anger Issues
  4. Grains
  5. Greedy SOB
  6. Get Waisted
  7. Love Lies and Murder
  8. Garbage Pail Kids
  9. It Means Nothing
  10. Never Forgotten
  11. Our Flag
  12. Take a Bath
  13. I Want A Beer
  14. Dead Man Walking
  15. Hate In Me
  16. Fight
  17. I Love Hardcore

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