Crawling Chaos – “XLIX” (Time To Kill Records)

Second album for the Italians Crawling Chaos, who offer a fairly brutal death metal but which is also full of atmosphere and that is not boring, thanks to the all in all original proposal of this band and their technical preparation. In total there are seven pieces that make up this new work entitled “XLIX”, some of which are quite long and elaborate, and alternate with others that are decidedly more immediate and that do not exceed three or four minutes in duration. We therefore have a good balance between immediacy and sonic refinement, but we always remain within the canons of a classic death metal and which influences the biggest names that have brought this genre to the top. The disc opens with one of the longest pieces of the tracklist, or “My Golden Age”, a song of over seven minutes that manages to assert itself as compelling throughout its duration, enriching itself with various shades that go well with the brutal fabric of this band, bringing freshness and sometimes even a little innovation. This is a method that the band will apply a bit throughout the album, and we have songs where the more brutal aspect prevails and others where the band plays more on groove and some particular guitar solution. All this finds fertile ground because, as we said at the start, this band is very technically prepared. The episodes that have most impressed us are the aforementioned “My Golden Age”, for its variety, but more immediate songs like “The Prince Is Here” or “Block and a Bloody Knife” are also very valid. A very interesting album, this “XLIX”, which plays on not very original grounds, but which still manages not to be obsolete, but rather, it presents itself as a work totally in step with the times. So it’s a listen that we recommend, dear death metallers!

Edoardo Velli – Drums
Andrea – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Manuel – Guitars, Vocals
William – Bass (Fretless)


  1. My Golden Age
  2. The Prince Is Here
  3. Block and a Bloody Knife
  4. 49th, or the Law of Desperation
  5. Ishnigarrab, or the Awful Offspring of the Goat
  6. Covered in Debris
  7. Doom of Babylonia

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