“Creca” Hanni Palecter new album, in audio form!

In CRECA (loosely translated as CRUST), the second album of the mysterious Hanni Palecter, all the monsters in our society break free and lose control!

In the universe of the mysterious Hanni Palecter, shock, impact, freedom, outpouring of energy, ironic aesthetics and uncomfortable sounds are a necessary way for people in a state of lethargy or recklessness to wake up to the reality of chaos that surrounds us. Its the chaos created by more and more dichotomies, polarizations and speeches with confusing emotions. The current cancellation culture has increasingly polarized our civility and our sources of information.

The popular imagination about villains has been growing exponentially in these times where it is unfortunately healthier to have fewer people around. CRECA is about all the wounds inflicted on us by the pandemic and ungoverned chaos of Brazil today. Throughout the 7 short sound themes, which this time start from samples and synths and border on psychedelia and metal, Hanni seeks to incite deep emotions, which need to surface for these wounds to heal.

Hanni Palecter is a mysterious project from Recife, which mixes experimental rap, rock, electronic music, lo-fi, noise and pop. This dystopian music was born amid the neurosis in the pandemic world. Singing in our own language, exposing human desires that are becoming less and less understood by ourselves. The mystery is due to the fact that the artist has no interest in appearing, even in the spotlight of the modern world, having not yet disclosed his identity.

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