Damiano Biasutto – “Powered By Steel” [Self-Release]

Damiano Biasutto is a guitarist from northern Italy and this is his third album in a career that started a few years ago. In fact we can talk about a great productivity on the part of this multi-instrumentalist, who gives us another album based on power on the heavy guitar and therefore we are dealing with an instrumental album, from start to finish. well understood, there is no trace of the voice in the grooves of this “Powered by Steel”!

Music is a good example of what it’s like to be raised on bread and metal, and to have a great admiration for the many guitar players that heavy metal has offered us during nearly five decades of music. Even today a vast niche of admirers and above all guitar-loving musicians undertake this only instrumental discourse to give ample space to their inspiration on the six strings. Turning on the net I was also able to listen to something less recent than this new “Powered By Steel”, and I must say that this artist is advancing rapidly towards a maturity of his music, improving dramatically. Damiano Biasutto should work a little better on some aspects, such as the production which is not the most beautiful, even if it is not even to be thrown away …

Ultimately, an album more than enough, but we are sure that this artist will have the opportunity to review many small flaws in his music and to improve already from the next album, because this is only the beginning of his career, even if he has already reached the third album. An interesting album, perhaps not unmissable, but made with passion and good intuitions. If Damiano Biasutto were able to further evolve and offer even more advanced and technical solos, he could make a greater breach in all those lovers of guitar heroes who claim the good compositional skills that Damiano has, but who do not forgive some small ingenuity and smudges. And it is on these that Damiano Biasutto has to work. For the rest, a good record, recommended to the many “defender” who are still around.



  1. Master of Illusions
  2. Synergy
  3. Powered by Steel
  4. Mr. Rusty
  5. Heavy Parade
  6. What I Want to Become
  7. Just Like a Thunder Cloud
  8. A Reason to Live

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