Dark Groove Duo Neorhythm releasing New EP “Evils” on February 5

Prolific Dark Groove Duo NEORHYTHM are set to release new EP Evils on February 5. A lyric video for the first single “Servitude” is available at the following location: youtu.be/DQ5XRjaH8jM. The single is available on the usual platforms and can be pre-ordered at smarturl.it/neorhythmservitude

As a conceptual link between Terrastory and the next full-length album, Evils is sung completely in Russian. Having studied the history of Planet Earth and all mankind in large stages, it became interesting for the duo to consider poetically and musically the vile animal features of a particular human society, which entailed much of the terror that our whole history has undergone, highlighting in this work the main mortal sins of people, precisely in the band’s own interpretation of this concept. “Evils” are our tablets. Evils is about our common vices, internal and external, each of us individually and of society, as a whole, haunting all civilizations from the beginning of time and, probably, never erasable, because such is our dual nature.

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Track Listing:
1 – Servitude
2 – Lies
3 – Avarice
4 – Wrath

Mag – Instruments, Music
Telkw – Voices, Words


NEORHYTHM originates in 2017 in Lapland. Two researchers begin their creative narration in June 2018 with the album Zetetic, containing cosmological and futuristic themes, as well as the themes of general galactic values of a philosophical plan. A continuation of this work in November of the same year was the mini-album Meteoric Thoughts, which musically and lyrically completed the theme of the debut album.
Subsequently, the band decided to continue and develop with each next release their own ontological concept of studying the World and Man. The next album Terrastory, released in March 2020, completely dedicated to the Planet Earth and in stages tells the entire history of the Earth and mankind, reflecting different eras and civilizations, lyrically and musically. Man and the study of sociology and psychology of human society became the subject of the next releases.

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