Dark Order released lyric video for “Operation Condor”

Sydney-based Thrash Metal outfit DARK ORDER have announced plans to release their forth studio album titled ‘FALL OF THE HOLOCENE’ in January 2023 via Battlegod Productions.
The band just released a lyric video Operation Condor of the previous studio album ‘Cold War of the Condor’ as a lead up to the release of the new album. Also the band plans a live action video clip for the the first aggressive single to be released by the end of the year.

Singer Raul about the song:
“This is a song about a true historical event that operated between 1975-1983 about how a 8 military governments, led by Chile, sent death squads globally to hunt down left wing subversivesx”

Raúl Ignacio Alvarez Garcia – Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
Ryan Gillespie – Lead Guitars
Nick Dumycz – Drums
Paul Talbot – Bass

DARK ORDER are predominantly and proudly THRASH METAL. (thrash metal sound of the ‘Bay Area’ – Exodus & Violence etc., L.A. – Slayer & Dark Angel & New York – Anthrax & S.O.D.) We also have traces of death metal, power metal, black metal, progressive metal and traditional heavy metal. Andean Music & film score music is also large influence. A lethal combination that defines the Dark Order sound. Founded by guitarist singer Raúl Ignacio Alvarez Garcia on 24th December 1992, dark order has been a mainstay in the Australian Metal scene since, releasing 3 albums, 1 DVD – over 10 compilation releases, they are set to start recording their 4th album in 2021. Dark Order earnt from a USA magazine D.O.A the moniker ’dark militant thrash metal’ and since have stuck true to this. Their album ‘COLD WAR OF THE CONDOR’ is by far their greatest achievement being the worlds 1st Thrash Metal concept album about the bloody Pinochet Regime. In 2023 Dark Order will be releasing its 4th album, which will have some interesting surprises… Dark Order are the raptors of Thrash Metal.

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