Darkhold released the lyric video for “King Of Miracles”

Waiting the new release by Darkhold for the new album “Tales From Hell”, the band has published a video lyric for the track “King Of Miracles”. The album will be available in digital format (Pre-Save Open) and in cd format, Friday the 31th March. Friday the 31th March the band will be ON Stage for the release party of the album at Ufo Rock Pub di Mozzo (BG – ITA)

“Tales From Hell”

“Tales From Hell” is built up by nine songs, where the main characters are renowed figures of secular tales and fables (out of time but always current) whom we growed up with; they are not bound as a real concept but joined by a main leitmotif: ucrony: what should be happened if these characters had made choices so far away from those we all know and had taken a dangerous no return path? Pinocchio, peter pan, hansel and gretel, tarzan, alice in wonderland, the hunchback of notre dame, little red riding hood, the beauty and the beast, the pied piper: 9 dystopian literature, so horribly contemporary, modern-day depictions of notorious and cruel dante circles of hell, all together in a mephitic procession , searching for a last glimmer of redemption as a warning to today generation and its future. Will the darkhold absorb their sins and let them free at last or will it amplify their monstrous features in a final eternal suffering conviction?


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