Darkhold – “Tales From Hell” [Ghost Record]

“Tales From Hell” is a healthy and hard Thrash Metal of the classic one while remaining fully in step with the times. The nine songs represent a work that can be as rocky and classically impeccable as it is fresh and varied, strong in a very clean production and a sound that always knows how to balance perfectly between aggressiveness and energy without being obvious or flat.

Forty minutes of music capable of immediately entering the listener’s head, but not boring throughout the entire duration of the work whose peculiarity is represented by the variety in terms of sound and solutions, with a band that is not afraid to trespass by daring just enough to make it clear that in any case they have in mind what they want to convey with their shameless way of making music.

There are albums that you often judge disappointing and leave you dumbfounded, right from the first notes, then there are albums that you would gladly do without but then listen out of curiosity and get trapped inside … here is “Tales From Hell” is one of these. A demonstration of class by a band that will emerge without even waiting too long.

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