Darkness Surrounding – released new video “Nocturnal Forest Air”

Darkness Surrounding is a five-piece metal band from Wuppertal, Germany, that was founded in 2017.
After releasing three EPs, they released their first full-length album “Reality Unreal” in December 2021 , which was positively reviewed by Metal Hammer Magazine.
Their musical style is best described as Melodic Metal, influenced by Death, Core and Old School. Fast riffs, epic melodic parts and groovy breakdowns create a powerful and versatile sound. The voices of growler Tim and guitarist/clean-singer Kessi complement those attributes very well.
About the song:
We recorded this song as a part of our album in the legendary Maarweg Studios, Cologne, Germany.“Nocturnal Forest Air” – a tragic and stirring waltz that tells the story of a young woman who had to deal with being constantly stressed and pressurized her whole life by a person in her close environment. As she grows up, she finally realizes that this person is the reason for her agony and plans to take revenge.
With the lyrics being quite dark, we decided the song had to be a waltz because it would portray and frame the story in the most fitting way. The song is supposed to feel like a journey through all the emotions the protagonist goes through, really making it an experience to listen to the song.
Through the music video we gave the whole story a new twist, that does not necessarily come across when just hearing the song, so watching the video is definitely worth it!

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