Deadlock Crew – Look Down On Me [Ghost Record Label]

The Italians Deadlock Crew, after a musical period spent as a Tribute band of Metallica, decide to devote themselves to music in the new role of Do It Yourself band by releasing the debut album “Look Down On Me” for Ghost Record Label.
The general thrust that this debut offers is a Heavy Metal that, although old fashioned, offers an interesting and innovative sound. The nine songs included in the album give listening to a notable boost.
There is no rhythmic progression, but from the first track “Comfort Zone” to the last “Through hate”, the sonic impact is remarkable, with particular appreciation for well-built dynamics that make listening fluid and powerful.
The vocal line attacks the sound, enhancing the technical dialogue that is established between the rhythm section and the guitars which, combined with a voluminous bass, give a pleasantly devastating sound wall.
“Comfort Zone”, as well as “Close to the end”, see a melodic component that breaks the frantic rhythm of the album, without the band ever leaving its chosen line, that of a good old and sane Heavy Metal.
Without a doubt, the Deadlock Crew are healthy bearers of Italian Metal, also demonstrating good leverage and good synergy, where the musical understanding is such, as to create a product, which in some ways inevitably evokes the band they have been inspired by for years such as Tribute band, but the details included in the individual songs denote a margin of originality more than sufficient.


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