Death Perception sign to Wormholedeath & announce “Ashes” album

Ontario based Modern Death/Thrash Metal combo Death Perception have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their album “Ashes”, out on 18 06 2021 worldwide.

Official statement:

“The five of us at Death Perception are very pleased to be joining Wormholedeath. Wormholedeath is the perfect partnership for us. They have an incredible roster of death metal and black metal, including our own brother-band, Cuba’s “Mephisto”. Wormholedeath will be releasing our new album “Ashes” and we are excited to share it with everyone. This album has been the culmination of hard work and perseverance. There are some new elements to our album’s ten tracks, featuring some first appearances. Brian Lewis’ songwriting on the track “Scars Over Skin”; Dana Bowman’s vocals on “Bleed to Death”; and it’s the band first time working with Recording Engineer Steve Haines. This album promises to bash you with heavy songs, and also draw you in with intriguing lyrical messages and evolving soundscapes. Its our best work yet and I hope you will agree. – Nathan Fraser.

Death Perception has been a modern death metal band since 2012, influenced by bands like Lamb of God, Whitechapel, Devildriver, Slayer, Behemoth, and Decapitated.
Death Perception has previously released two independent albums and has been featured twice on Wacken Metal Battle Canada’s annual compilation albums. “Stomach for a Spine” appeared on WMBC 2016, and “Normalcy Bias” appeared on WMBC 2018. After performing at Kitchener Metal Fest, the song “Severed Ties” was featured on the KMF compilation in 2020.
Death Perception has performed twice in Holguin, Cuba. In September 2016 they joined HG Metal Fest 18th Anniversary show. Again, in October 2019 they returned to perform at the HG Metal kick-off event, providing a sneak-peek at the newest album material.
The brand-new album “Ashes” was recorded throughout 2020 with mastering finishing up the following January. It was recorded at Poseidon Studios by Steve Haines and mastered by Jamie King. It features the artwork of Stefan Koidl.
Why DP?
Death Perception is willing to risk it all, to travel wherever the music takes them. Death Perception has always been known for energy and enthusiasm. Live shows have been the life-blood of this band since day one. Every year Death Perception is on the lookout for the next show, the next festival; applying far and wide to opportunities around the world. We hope to see you in the pit!

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