Deathblow Ppemieres new song, “Accelerated Decrepitude”

SLC bangers DEATHBLOW have premiered “Accelerated Decrepitude,” a song from forthcoming new album Insect Politics. The song is available for streaming at the following links.

DEATHBLOW returns December 23 with sophomore full-length album Insect Politics, the first release on the band’s own label Sewer Mouth Records.

Pre-order Insect Politics:

The bands second full length since 2014’s Prognosis Negative. Insect Politics is a deep dive into the madness of the 21st century, exploring the subjects of isolation, digital dementia, radicalization, paranoia and the break down of politics in the modern world. DEATHBLOW leans more toward a punk and death metal sound on the new album, compared to the purer thrash metal approach of prior releases.

Track Listing:

  1. Brain Bugs
  2. Accelerated Decrepitude
  3. Nefarious Ends
  4. Insect Politics
  5. Convert Or Die!
  6. Through The Eyes Of Delusion
  7. Agent Zero
  8. Behind Closed Doors


Holger the Horrible (Holton Grossl) – Guitar/Vocals
Paulie Gunk (Paul Lachica) – Bass
Grob (Rob Larsen) – Drums
Smelltron (Adam “Smelly” Kelly) – Guitar

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