Deathchain – “Deathrash Assault” – [Dynamic Arts Records]

Deathchain’s second full length is easily one of the most extreme metal releases I’ve heard this year, the Finnish band create an amalgam of technical and brutal death metal with new wave thrash riffs, and manage to deliver one fast and aggressive track after the other.

Starting out as Winterwolf in 1997, the band changed its name to its current moniker in 2001, and released its first album – Deadmeat Disciples in 2003, with the current release being out for a few months.

First thing that hits you as the album begins, is the clearness and sharpness of the sound, judging from the black and oppressive album cover, I was expecting much rawer and dirtier sound, and was pleasantly surprised, the fact it was mastered at the fames Finnvox studios may explain the fact.

A volley of great thrash riffs opens up Return Of The Nemesis, somewhat reminiscent of The Haunted, meaning, modern sounding thrash with the aggressiveness of death metal, the vocals are a shouted growl, and the inclusion of blast beats also serves to bring the music closer to more extreme regions than traditional thrash metal.

Venom Preacher starts off sounding like a black metal track, the speed and vocal delivery brought to mind Dark Funeral’s latest offering, but once the guitars kick in into the verse riff, its back in modern thrash territory again.

I must give extra points for the professionalism of the musicians involved, a very sold rhythm section, with drumming as fast and as technical as can be, and the guitars are also top notch, performing what is the basis for a good thrash album, great riffs.

This is a must for fans of The Haunted, Darkane, and even heavier bands, as the death quota here is pretty high as well, a quality release throughout.

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