Deflag released the new Ep “Let Us All Unite!”

Available start today in the main digital stores “Let Us All Unite!”, The new Deflag’s Ep. The Ep includes five songs including two singles already out “Dig Deep” and “Heart Of Porcelain”.
“Liberation” is the song chosen by the band for the new the video.

It happens when you least expect it. When likes are more important than the person, and the content. When capturing attention in a few seconds is the key to success and you haven’t even had time to open your mouth or touch a string.

It happens that in a landscape stifled by information and overwhelming offerings, appearance as the only affirmation, by hits written with carbon paper and by featuring used as proof, four people manage to find themselves simply in a rehearsal room with the desire and the need to write music for the pleasure of it.

This is how DEFLAG were born, at the end of 2019 with Daniele (vocals) joining the band.

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