Deformatory, shares making of Video For New EP “Harbinger”

From their destructive 2013 debut “In The Wake of Pestilence”, on through to their crushing 2016 follow-up “Malediction” and into the vortex of insanity from their 2021 masterpiece “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”, Deformatory unrelentingly summon their creative darkness to deliver another slab of ferocious Canadian death metal. Without acquiescing to the weakness of modern metal, they reach deep into the abyss of infernal intensity to deliver a new offering of blistering madness entitled “Harbinger”.

For Deformatory, all audio and visual content is carefully crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that listeners are given only the best experience, a punishing onslaught of riffs, devastating vocals, and chest-pounding drums – all delivered with no frills, no bullshit, just pure death metal. The production was handled by Topon Das of F*ck The Facts at his studioApartment 2 Recordingin Ottawa, ON, which the band explains in further detail:

“Das impeccably captured the essence and intensity of Deformatory’s vision. Every nuance has been brought to light, mixed, and mastered without sacrificing integrity in order to fit into the modern standards of extreme music. All instruments are real fucking instruments and each can be discerned without the overproduced wall of plugins and tone packs we have unfortunately grown accustomed to hearing today. There is an eerie atmosphere that lurks throughout this EP and it can be heard clearly through every string, growl, and cymbal.”

Deformatory keeps it simple and traditional, their writing process is organic, with no click tracks or guitar pro files – they just jam until a sickening track reveals itself. Sometimes it just takes an hour or two for them to discover a sound that will demolish the room and melt faces, they are already 4 songs deep into the next album, so fans can expect a new record sooner than they would hope for.

A sonically relentless death metal experience, Deformatory is worthy listening for those whom enjoy Angelcorpse, Vitriol, and old Cryptopsy.

The short video on the making of “Harbinger” is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/PNHY9haU05

“Harbinger” is being released on September 13, 2022.

EP Pre-order – https://deformatory.bandcamp.com

EP Teaser – https://youtu.be/jlb68arCmjI

Track Listing:
1. Plagueworm (2:56)
2. Corpseborn (4:02)
3. Sunrot (3:54)
4. Dustcult (5:05)
EP Length: 15:17

EP Band Line Up:
Charlie Leduc – Guitars & Vocals
Neil Grandy – Drums

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